Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Thursday, 15 January 2015


I treated myself to this Hellebore or Lenten Rose just before Christmas - it was half price in a sale of garden plants at Baddesley Clinton

Its still waiting in the porch to be planted out. I feel a bit pessimistic about its chances as this is the 3rd hellebore I have bought - the other two disappeared without trace! For some reason, perhaps the type of soil?, certain winter/spring plants don't thrive in our garden. Winter aconites, cyclamen and snowdrops have all been planted several times in the past but none have survived.


  1. Hope you get it to grow as they are a lovely plant, and come in a range of colours.
    The ground is frozen solid so not much gardening just yet.
    Amanda xx

  2. Amanda Peters - Thanks so much for your comment Amanda - glad to know someone else is reading the blog :) Hellebore is still in the porch for reasons you mention!! Have planted 2 in the past and they never came up again the following year :( But keep trying as you say they are so lovely!

    Blog hasn't really got off the ground yet due mainly to lack of time. The idea was to post just one photo a day of some aspect of the garden. Will have to try harder!!! :)