Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Friday, 2 October 2015

Grey Wagtail

A record shot (through a rather dirty kitchen window!) of a Grey Wagtail seen on the garden lawn last Saturday.

We had a further visit a few days later from two individuals.

We do get visits from Grey Wagtails occasionally - usually at this time of the year.

Garden Moths

I put the trap out last night - the first time for a couple of weeks.

Results were disappointing - just 12 Large Yellow Underwings and 1 Light Brown Apple Moth. Min Temp was 5.5 degrees centigrade.

Have switched the trap on again tonight - and hoping for better results!!


  1. That's a lovely capture of the wagtail! I haven't had much in my moth trap the last two times I put it out as the temps were about 5 or 6 degrees as well. It's warmer at night now but it's raining, so that's no good. :-)

    1. Thanks so much Mandy. Someone on Twitter did edit it and got rid of the misty effect from the window but I am not sure how to do that - one day might have the time to experiment with Photoshop!

      Disappointing moth trap results here too at the weekend. Mainly Large Yellow Underwings, 1 Light Brown Apple although I did get Blair's Shoulder Knot (new for year). I tend not to trap when its raining as OH worries about electrics!

  2. Great photo.. lovely looking bird :o)