Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Friday, 13 November 2015

November Update

A few moths from the last moth trapping session (both New for Year)

Feathered Thorn (Colotois pennaria)

Spruce Carpet (Thera britannica)

Thanks to Stewart and several others on Twitter for confirming id of Spruce Carpet (there are 3 similar species!).

I don't think I've shown you my moth blouse :) I wore it a few months ago when I took my moth trap along to a Moth Evening at St Patrick's Church, Earlswood, which turned out to be a great evening and it was lovely to see the enthusiasm of people who had come along to learn about moths.

I was rather pleased yesterday to see a Comma sunning itself on the patio.

There are very few birds visiting the garden feeders at the moment (mild weather/plenty of natural food available?) although we did have a Jay in the garden a week or so ago - the first visit for 5 years!

My son picked up this leaf on a railway station platform recently. I am not sure what has made the markings - a leaf miner I suspect. Have put a photo on Twitter and hoping for some id help. If not I will put it on i-spot.

There are dozens of these yellow fungi sprouting on the lawn - they look like Yellow Club but according to my Collins Guide the species is found on unimproved pasture - which my lawn certainly isn't! If anyone has any ideas of id please leave a comment.

More little toadstools growing among fallen berries and leaves.

A few photos of flowers still appearing in the garden.

Chrysanthemum (type bought in a pot from supermarket and then planted the following year in the garden)

The Nasturtiums that were so late flowering are still providing a touch of colour.



Wild Primroses are already flowering

There are lots of Rowan and Pyracantha berries around the garden - usually birds have already eaten them by the middle of November.

The wildflower meadow has been cut down and some of the couch grass removed. A huge pack of Yellow Rattle has been planted to try and solve the grass problem - will be interesting to see what happens next year!


  1. Love the moth blouse and that leaf is gorgeous! You can understand about designers of various things getting inspiration from nature when you see things like that. So pleased your nasturtiums are making up for being so late starting! I hope your wildflower meadow is helped by the yellow rattle. And finally I had several Feathered Thorns last time I put my trap out - they confused me at first because they didn't look like Thorns, but I delved deeper and see they have a different Latin name, so maybe not so closely related as the other Thorns which have an unmistakable shape.
    Sorry I'm taking so long to catch up!! :-)

    1. Thanks so much Mandy and no need for any apologies about catching up - you have had a lot of your mind recently let alone the trip over here.

      Not surprisingly I couldn't resist the moth blouse! :) I put a photo of the leaf on twitter to try and find out what had made the markings - think possibly a leaf mine but no-one seemed sure. I will stick a photo on i-spot when I remember! (CRAFT moments happening far too often lately :( ). Am trying to press the leaf although perhaps that might be a bit unkind if there are leaf miners in it!

      I read in a wildlife magazine recently (can't remember which one I read so many and yet another CRAFT scenario!) about a wildflower meadow that was being created somewhere and they had no success due to problems with grass until they planted Yellow Rattle and bingo wildflowers flourished! So am hopeful :)

      Yes Feathered Thorns are a bit confusing - have to admit I had to double check id! I probably won't trap now for a while perhaps leave it until early March unless we have another mild spell.

  2. I just love that moth blouse! What a lovely event it sounded. The leaf is quite extraordinary, and the 'mining marks' are so symmetrical.

    1. Thanks Caroline - yes it was a good evening - meant to do a blog post about it at the time but didn't take any photos. The church holds bat evenings and a Primrose Weekend too.

      Glad you liked the leaf - as mentioned to Mandy above I am trying to press it as son who found it wants to put it in a frame its so unusual. Although perhaps I should put it on i-spot sooner rather than later it case it has got leaf mines in it! I got the blouse from H and M in the Spring - they also had leggings and another top but I resisted the other items!