Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Monday, 25 April 2016

Garden Moths and Birds and First Butterflies


In the trapping sessions I have had since my last post on moths, catches have been low (just a few Common Quakers and Hebrew Characters) but this Brindled Beauty was nice to see and a new tick for the year. Sexton Beetles have started to appear in the trap!

I've brought in the remaining Emperor Moth cocoons (from the caterpillars I raised two years ago). The adults can take up to 4 years to emerge so I am hoping I may get some females this year - the few that emerged last year were all male.


The Blue Tit's nest seems finished and she has roosted overnight in the box recently - in the past this has suggested that egg laying is imminent so fingers crossed. Blackbirds and Robins are feeding young and House Sparrows are collecting nest material. The wren is in the garden frequently so I am hopeful that the nest in the ivy will be used.

First Butterflies

A Holly Blue was seen briefly on 18th April and a Green-veined White 2 days later. Sorry, no photos - by the time I had been indoors and fetched the camera both had disappeared.


  1. A nice moth to see, I put the trap out last Friday and got two Hebrew and a new moth a Clouded Drab, trap packed back in the shed again while it's cold.
    We have Blue tits nesting for the first time in the garden, the nest box has been on the house wall well over two years.
    Have observed they tend to nest build more in a morning, this has been going on for a week now. I brought some horse hair back from the Banks and they have used some for the nest.If we do get some chicks I will have to be on the lookout as we get Carrion Crows in as well as Magpies daily, one year Magpies empted a Blackbirds nest of it's chicks.
    Amanda xx

    1. You did better than me last Friday Amanda - I got none! I've put mine away too (cold and rain at night).

      That is great news about Blue Tits nesting - they often take a while to discover a new nest box. We've had problems with Magpies over the years with nests :( In fact, years ago they were trying to pick off the young one by one as they left the nest - spent hours in the garden just trying to chase them off. I know research has shown that it doesn't affect songbird populations and it is just nature in action but it is very distressing to see :(

      Please let me know how yours get on.

  2. The Brindled Beauty is a lovely moth Caroline and I don't think I have ever recorded it up here. Also good to read about the Holly Blues starting to appear, sadly none up here yet (it is a bit wet and cold at the moment!)

    Kindest regards :-)

    1. Thanks David. Butterflies have disappeared here too with the colder weather :( I went out yesterday hoping for Brimstone or Orange Tip but far too cold and drizzly.

      Have only seen 3 species this year - Small Tortoiseshell (twice) and in the garden the Holly Blue and Green-veined White.

      Best wishes