Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Few Spring Flowers

A few Spring flower photos taken in the garden over Easter weekend. The first half dozen or so species are particularly good at attracting insects.

Mahonia (finally starting to flower!)

Lungwort - this one has been flowering for some weeks and now the

other variety in the herbaceous border is starting to flower too.

Primroses have been flowering for months - they just go on and on :)

Flowering Currant



Camelias - White and

Red is now flowering too.


Wood Anemones just had buds when I took this photo but now they are flowering well (will try and get more photos this week)

There are tiny clumps of violets all over the garden.

Blackthorn which flowers before the leaves appear.

Hawthorn leaves are unfurling (leaves open before the flowers)

Finally, nettles are starting to emerge

There were fun and games in the garden this morning when a local pair of Carrion Crows decided to steal a few twigs from the Magpie nest! The Magpies were not amused!.

Not sure what is happening with the Blue Tits - they have returned to the nest box in the Whitebeam and a few wisps of moss were taken in today. Do hope they do nest this year otherwise it will be the first year the nestbox with a camera hasn't been used since we first put it up.


  1. Great idea!!! I hope they nest as well. I'm going to call them BLTI because the last time I wrote out their names at work on my computer, my boss came to talk to me about what I was looking at:) I had to tell her that they were just birds! :) But seriously, hope they make a nest again this year.

  2. Chris Rohrer - Hi Chris You've found my other blog :) Thanks so much for the comment. LOL re: the BLT (you were quick thinking!!! :) ) I shall remember those initials whenever I see that species!! :)