Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

A Spring Posy, Nests and a few 2015 Garden "Firsts"

A Spring Posy for the Easter Sunday lunch table - flowers picked from the garden.

Blue Tits still haven't started building a nest. Initially, I thought the Magpie's nest

might be deterring them but today they were prospecting a nest box in a silver birch almost directly below the Magpie nest! A wren is building a nest in a disused hanging basket on the patio. The male bird builds several nests and then the female picks one to use and finish off. I really do hope she doesn't choose this particularly one as they've nested in hanging baskets before and the young were constantly falling out and those that survived had to be pushed back into the nest. There's a wall on each side of the patio covered in ivy and I do wish the nest had been built there instead.

First garden butterfly of the year yesterday - a Peacock and today Common Newts have started to re-appear in the pond.


  1. Lots of lovely stuff going on in your garden. When we were children we used to pick Primroses of the rail way banking and sell them for 2p...had Butterflies fly over, but I noticed the Bats flying round this evening for the first time this year.
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks Amanda - Primroses seemed a lot more common when I was little (like so many wild flowers). So sad the way so many species have declined. A few more Peacocks around today in the garden. Well done on the bats. By coincidence I thought yesterday I must go out at dusk and look for them here and then totally forgot! Will look out for them tomorrow.