Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

A Few Garden Flowers

Just a short post with a few flower pictures from around the garden. I did have some moth photos but for the life of me I can't remember which folder I put them in :( Since putting photos on external hard drive rather than on the computer I seem to be totally disorganised at putting photos in the right place :(

Orange lilies and a blue flower (I bought the plant from Hidcote but can't remember the name! Having far too many CRAFT moments at present :(

Chocolate Scabious - I fell in love with this flower last year at Packwood and my friend gave me one of her plants. Its done really well this year.

We've had this plant for years (haven't a clue what it is!!!) but its developed a new lease of life since B cleared one of the raised beds where it grows. The flowers are very pretty.

Cosmos and Coreopsis growing round the sundial. Coreopsis only lasts a few years in our garden so I am constantly replacing the plants as its one of my favourites.

I've had this Passion Flower for quite a few years but its never flowered.

The wildflower meadow has been disappointing this year as the dreaded couch grass is out competing many of the flowers. Even the half of the meadow that B completely dug over and re-seeded a few years ago is covered with the stuff. As a last resort we have bought a huge packet of Yellow Rattle seeds. This plant is semi-parasitic and out competes grass by feeding on its roots. Whether it will work on couch grass is another matter but I live in hope.

St John's Wort - very attractive to bees and hoverflies

Knapweed - loved especially by Red-tailed bumble bees



Campion has gone to seed - there is a spider lurking behind the group of 3 seedheads.


  1. Lovely selection of wildflowers Caroline :-) I will be very interested to hear how you get on with the yellow-rattle as I have often thought of using it on our lawn as well. The chocolate scabious is lovely :-)

    Hope you are well and kindest regards :-)

    1. Many thanks David. I will let you know about the yellow rattle. Plan at the moment is to cut meadow area down in the autumn then turn it all over. (Husband has rather worryingly mentioned he may put down a weed killer at this stage - am horrified as I hate the use of chemicals in the garden and in the main he gardens organically). Then plant yellow rattle seed and a replenishment of the wildflower seed mix in the Spring. Hopefully the yellow rattle will "feed" off the roots of the couch grass and keep it more under control!! Will do updates as it all progresses!

      Hope you are feeling better. Best wishes Caroline

  2. Hi RR, hope you are well, catching up on post,
    been decorating the bathroom this week, should have been done years ago ! so it has set us of on getting the other things done which we have just left. I've been having a good clear out which makes me feel better, which got me thinking about other things.
    Just thought this week about plantlife ! I should have gone back and recorded my second visit! (What happened with your plot?) As each plot has taken up so much time, one per visit. I have not got the time to go back five times. So I will hand it back, I would like to send my moth recordings of next year too, all this takes time but at least It's in my back garden and not twenty miles away...

    Your flowers look lovely, it's been a funny year for flowers and every thing else I think.. just a little flat like the weather not very special. Out to day with the dog felt like the start of Autumn.! (which I Like)

    Moth trap is out to night but it's a little cool.
    Amanda xx

    1. Hi Amanda - Great to hear from you - was getting a bit worried as you had gone so quiet on Twitter and Blogger. Well done on the decorating - similar things going on here but its taking months as we are replacing flooring etc. etc.

      I am ashamed to say I never did get round to visiting the plot - mainly because I didn't want to go on my own but B would have been bored and it didn't seem fair to expect D to give up so much of his weekend to come with me. I didn't realise it involved so many visits either :( To be honest I think it has just got so complicated. It was fine when it was just a linear walk which didn't take that long and there were less species to record. You have jogged my memory and sadly I think I will have to hand it back too. Its a shame because I did enjoy doing the simplified version on my last square but its now become too much of a commitment.

      Have to say I am not overkeen on August and I too look forward to Autumn (my favourite Season after Spring!!).

      Went on a great butterfly walk today (the one at the HLS farm) - it was totally brilliant. Will do a post on RRNN when I get chance next week - have put some photos on Twitter.

      Good luck with the moth trapping - I will try and put mine out tomorrow - didn't have time to set it up tonight as we were late home and I had to cook the tea. Had a Willow Beauty and Copper Underwing in the bathroom just!!!

  3. Your flowers look lovely and the blue one looks like Plumbago - but if it is planted in the garden and not in a pot that you bring in during winter then it obviously isn't! I hope the Yellow Rattle will help with your wildflower meadow - couch grass is a pig.

    1. Thanks Mandy - the blue flowered plant stays out all year in the border. We've had it for years and it seems to get better each year. Will let you know if I ever id it! Perhaps an excuse to return to Hidcote! I remember you saying you had problems too with couch grass :(

    2. Try ceratostigma - it may be this plant - some are quite short branched but it looks like there are other varieties which are longer stemmed like yours.

      I've got a corner of my veg patch next to a border with roses where couch grass is a nightmare, also I find grass (of some kind or other) infiltrating some of my flower beds coming up in the middle of low growing plants where I can't get rid of it unless I dig up the plants and replant them. Oh the joys of gardening, eh? :-)

    3. Thanks very much for help with the plant id - that does look very much like it. I have a feeling too that the leaves do go a bit reddy in the autumn. Will keep an eye on leaves over next few months and let you know!

      Couch grass must be the most annoying thing ever :( The "wood" and wildflower meadow were in an area where B used to grow vegetables so the soil may well be too well fertilised from the past which may not be helping! Although I thought he had done all he could to reduce nutrients before we planted the meadow! I am hoping he will dig it over once its cut down and remove as much as cg as possible and then perhaps yellow rattle (he has bought a huge pack of seeds) will finish off any that remains. Although, of course, I am assuming yellow rattle is semi-parasitic on cg!!! It may prefer other grasses :(

    4. Thank you, RR, so much for your comment on the butterfly and moth book of name derivations. It sounds brilliant. I am wondering what the pink ('soft') shrub is in your 3rd photo. We also have it, with its sage green leaves, and I haven't been able to ID it yet ... but will let you know if I do!

    5. Thanks Caroline - yes its a very good book although not one to read from cover to cover - more for dipping into :)

      Would love to know the name of the pinky flowered plant if you do find out. I presently call it a "bottle brush" plant!!! :)