Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Garden Birds and Flower Update 2016

List of Birds Seen in the Garden 2016 (so far) - in order of appearance

Coal Tit

Great Tit


Wood Pigeon


Blue Tit


Long-tailed Tit

House Sparrow

Carrion Crow


Lesser Redpoll




Great Spotted Woodpecker


I don't count flyovers just species that are actually using the garden in some way. Sadly, no Greenfinches (although I've never seen any diseased birds here they are becoming increasingly uncommon here). Collared Dove is another species that rarely visits these days and Chaffinches have always gone in phases - sometimes ever present and sometimes missing for several years. There's still time for a visit from a Blackcap or Siskin.

Belatedly, a list of plants in flower on New Year's Day

Wild Primroses

Mahonia is now in flower awaiting the arrival of the first bumble bees.

A few flower photos taken a few weeks ago


Lungwort - now in flower

This mystery plant was also in flower on 1st January - haven't a clue what it is so would love to know if anyone has any ideas of id.

Camelia buds - flowers are now appearing

Buds on Rhodendron

Primula vulgaris (Wild Primroses) - were in flower before Christmas but they often flower early in our garden.

The Snowdrop I planted last year just emerging - it now has buds

One of the two Hellebores I planted last year has survived (no sign of the other one).


Pot of dwarf daffodils


  1. Lovely to see plants coming on, just need a few days of sun and they will soon be more flowers, pink plant not sure been having a look, looks a little like Sedum flower not sure about the leaves through.
    We have had up to ten Collared doves in the garden four to six most days, would love to get one of those big Dove houses for them, they sleep in a large Oak tree with the wood pigeons, other side of our fence. Chaffinch are a very rare visitor to our garden too.
    Got some Nicotiana seeds to sow and Cosmos for later, if not raining might spend some time in the garden this weekend, bit over run with Herb-robert coming through.
    Hope you got your car sorted and managed to get out over the weekend.
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks very much Amanda. I think Stewart (see comment below) has id'd my shrub :)

      We used to get Collared Doves all the time but they decreased as Wood and Feral Pigeon numbers increased although thankfully the latter have disappeared. We do have phases of visits from Stock Doves which is lovely!

      Definitely growing Cosmos again :) We have grown Nicotiana in the past - good for moths :)

      I think OH is going to put the battery on charge (which if it works will mean weeks of worry every time I go out in case it fails again!!!). Failing that will have to buy a new one :( We will probably exchange both cars later this year and share one so I don't really want to spend a lot more on it. Hope the weather is good enough for you to garden this weekend.

  2. Hi Caroline try Spirea thunbergii for your mystery plant? It looks like it....

    1. Thanks so much Stewart - I am pretty sure that is it!! :) We bought loads of reduced in price shrubs years ago as we altered all the garden and so many haven't a clue what they are!

  3. Yes, I was also going to suggest Spirea. An excellent list - jealous of your Redpoll and Goldcrest sightings!

    1. Thanks for id help :) For Goldcrest - keep an eye on fatballs I have had one feeding on them in the past! :) We have a lot of silver birches and the catkins attract the Redpolls - I live in hope they will visit the nyger feeder. Did once see them eating up seed that had fallen on the floor :)

  4. Interesting post Caroline and it is interesting to read just how many flowers are in bloom in your garden. Lungwort has just starting flowering here though still no Primroses. We do have Bergenia in the garden but I don't think it is flowering at the moment, though I haven't actually checked for sure. Sadly no Mahonia here, it was killed off by some sub -10 C frosts a few years ago, though the Kerria is covered in golden flowers this year :-)

    The mystery plant certainly looks like a species of Spiraea, maybe Japonica or something similar :-)

    Hope you are well and my kindest regards to all :-)

    1. Thanks very much David and for id help :) Bergenia always seems to flower early here but it is in a border on the side of the patio close to the house so may be well sheltered. A shame about your mahonia - we lost our main bush too and just have two smaller plants these days. Looks like a good year for Kerria - one of my favourites :)

      Hope you are well too and best wishes to you all :)

  5. I thought Spirea too but was surprised to see a flower head!! It's lovely having so many things flowering through the winter. I have a neighbour with Bergenia and she has quite a pretty display when we drive past. Impressed by your Lesser Redpoll! I've never seen one, lesser or otherwise.

    1. Thanks Mandy and for id help. Sadly, no longer in flower (recent frosts have finished it off!). Bergenia seems to do well here. Pretty things Redpolls - hope you get to see one day. They do love birch seeds so worth checking out silver birches! Lesser Redpoll has recently been split from Common (or Mealy Redpoll) - best not go there and we won't mention other species. Easiest really to call them just Redpolls!