Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Friday, 18 March 2016

Garden Moths and Birds Update

I put out the moth trap for the first time this year last weekend as the Garden Moth Scheme was starting again.

I trapped 2 new species for the year -

Common Quaker (Orthosia cerasi) and

Common Plume (Emmelina mondodactyla)

Its a shame the Common Quaker had laid eggs in the pot - it doesn't happen very often but I will keep the eggs in the hope they will hatch. We have Birch, Hawthorn and Hazel which the larvae eat.

I will put the trap out again this weekend.

Common frogs and Smooth Newts are moving about in the pond but no frogspawn yet.....

We saw a Grey Heron (new bird species for the year) on the lawn this morning making its way to the pond and no doubt on the hunt for frogs. No photo I am afraid it didn't stay long.

Nesting activity has commenced with Blue Tits checking out the nest boxes, female blackbirds collecting nest material and taking it into one of the holly bushes and a wren is making a nest in ivy on the patio wall. The male wren makes several nests and the female will finish the one of her choice.

I saw my first bumble bee (one of the white-tailed species) whizzing past the kitchen window on Wednesday but still no butterflies.


  1. Still think the evening temperatures are a little cold, so might leave putting mine out another week. Hope the eggs do hatch as that would be great.
    Heron after your frogs, so good it flew off.
    The sun did bring a few solitary bees or Honey bees (this is another reason I need to learn more) into the garden, still very worried there is little food for them here, so had another trip to the garden centre. Just walked round and looked at what the bees were on, they liked Marguerite..bought a large white and pink one. Bought two large Heathers today. (OH doesn't need to know ! they have been in the garden for years :)
    Have a happy weekend..
    Amanda xx

    1. Thanks Amanda. Have just checked last night's temperature and it was minus 2.4!! and I'd put my Green Man pot back outside :(

      Haven't put moth trap on as OH using extension lead in the house. The only reason I will trap this weekend (like you I think its too cold) is because of the Garden Moth Scheme and you can only miss so many weeks. Will try tomorrow.

      Heron got a helping hand to fly off i.e. OH banging on kitchen window when he saw it leaning over pond!!

      I find bee id hard!! even though I have the new brilliant RC Lewington book. Good idea re: walking round nursery to see what bees like - haven't got a marguerite! - feel a nursery trip in the not too distant future. lol re: OH and heathers. I am like that all the time here where books especially are concerned (although I did get caught out recently when he checked publication date :( ). Lungwort is good for bees (and other pollinators) if you haven't got any. Not, of course, that I am encouraging you to buy yet more plants! :) Have been known to sneak them in here too.

      Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. It's all go outside now - really cool that this moth laid eggs and I will be interested to see what happens to them! I've put the trap out twice just recently and have got the three top (most common) moths on Flying Tonight's list. :-)

    1. Thanks Mandy - well done on the 3 species in your trap. Not had Hebrew Character here yet and I never get many Small Quakers but will put mine out again tonight all being well. Am keeping an eye on the eggs and it will soon be time to bring my Emperor Moth pupae back indoors - so hoping for a female this time so I can try assembling.

      Hope you are enjoying your new purchase and having great fun :)