Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Garden Update - Nests, flowers, butterflies,

A belated update on the Blue Tits - the female has laid 9 eggs and started incubating on Tuesday, 3rd May. The incubation period is 13-15 days so we should have a happy event early next week.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos - the camera relays via the tv screen.

I am pretty sure the female wren is incubating eggs also in a nest in ivy on the patio.

The garden is looking very colourful at the moment - I went out a few days ago to practise using the Canon bridge camera.

The euphorbia I thought I had lost

Green Alkanet is in flower and plants are spreading all over the garden.

Azaleas starting to bloom

A patch of Wood Anemone and

Honesty has been attracting Orange Tip butterflies.

Orange Tips first started appearing on the 4th May and I saw my first Large White on 6th May.

I spotted the first Bee Fly of the year on 8th May - a Dark-edged Bee Fly - sorry no photo I did manage to get D to fetch the camera and even focused only for the camera to tell me there was no camera card :(

First Shield Bug of the year spotted last week - believe it is a Green Shield Bug


  1. What a lot is suddenly going on! We have blue butterflies ... they have been too skittish to see properly! How exciting about the nest of Blue tits.

    1. Thanks Caroline - blue tit eggs hatched yesterday :) Your butterflies might be Holly Blue? They are very lively and I find hard to get photos of!

  2. Good to hear all the latest news from your garden Caroline and see all the lovely flowers now blooming therein. Love the Green Shieldbug too :-)

    Hope the Blue Tit family are doing OK as well

    1. Thanks very much David.

      Wish it would go a bit warmer and drier for the Blue Tits as the colder it is the more she will brood them leaving just the male to find enough food! Dread the thought of a repeat of the last few years :(