Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Lungwort (Pulmonaria) is now flowering well. This plant is much loved by bees especially the Hairy-footed Flower Bee (Anthophora plumipes)

We have another variety of this plant in the garden with white spots on the leaves which flowers later in the year. The foliage has given the plant country names such as "Virgin Mary's milkdrops" because of the ancient belief that drops of the Virgin Mary's milk fell on the leaves during the Flight into Egypt; "Mary's Tears" a Dorset name refers to the legend that the Virgin Mary's tears fell on the plant at the Crucifixion. Other country names include: "Spotted Dog", "Spotted Cowslip", "Beggar's Basket", "Joseph's Coat", "Adam and Eve" and "Hundreds and Thousands".


  1. Mum and dad had this plant in the garden when I was growing up, all ways remember it was one of the first flowers to flower in the spring.

    I have my Plantlife pack, the flower book is very good, have skimmed through the notes, going to sit down this weekend and read it propley. I have asked a freind from work if he wants to help me, as I'm still not sure how to work it all out. Hoping to visit the plot over Easter just to get a idea of we're it is and what's there. Plants are a little behind this year so I think I've got a month befor I need to do my first recordings. Realy looking forward to doing this project this year.
    Have you thought about when you are going to visit your plot..
    Amanda xx

    1. Hi Amanda - its a really pretty plant. I used to see it a lot at Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens and noticed how bees loved it so bought a couple of plants.

      Glad to hear you have received your pack too. By coincidence I've just been reading mine. Now I've looked at exact location of square I am not over keen on it :( In fact, I am not even sure if there are any public footpaths running across it!! Probably being a bit unfair to it all as I still feel pretty grotty so I will get out the os map etc when I feel 100%. Perhaps in some ways I shouldn't have been in such a rush to sign up as if I'd left it I would have been able to pick a 1km square!

      To be honest I am not sure I understand instructions correctly either!! I think the idea may be to do visit twice (once late Spring/early Summer and then again late Summer). I think they hope you will do 2 linear plots (25m length) and then 3 rectangular plots. And make copious notes so you can survey exact same plots in future!!! :)

      It does sound fun though but I am not keen on going on my own. My husband would be absolutely bored out of his brains so will have to persuade/bribe son to come with me. There are times I really do wish I had a friend who was interested in this sort of thing!!

      Looking forward to seeing how you get on and comparing notes!! and at least with both of us doing it perhaps one will understand what the other doesn't and vice versa!!! :)

    2. I agree about having a friend to go with, it's such a shame we don't live closer.... All these people on line and I still have not come across anybody who lives close...
      Amanda xx

    3. Thanks Amanda - yes, I really wish we lived closer too. One of my friends is interested in gardening but not natural history to the extent I am. I always hoped one of my children would develop a lifelong passion as they were so interested as children but they just have a general interest these days although they can identify a lot!! :)

      I do follow some local blogs but the bloggers are all of the opposite sex so wouldn't like to make any approaches re: natural history outings in case they got the wrong idea!!!! :( plus OH would be utterly horrified!!

      I wish I felt happier walking round the countryside on my own perhaps the answer is to get a dog!! Although trying to manage a dog and do the NPMS doesn't sound the easiest of ideas!! :)