Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Monday, 2 March 2015


I finally got round to planting out a few plants I bought recently - a Hellebore bought at a trip out to the nurseries with a friend last week and a couple of Snowdrops bought at Temple Balsall Snowdrop Sunday event

The Hellebore I bought at Baddesley Clinton a few months ago also got planted! Sadly, no flowers probably because its been stuck in its pot for so long :(

I've stuck the plant labels near the plants in the hope that my husband will see them and refrain from hoeing up the plants!


  1. I have a few plans to put out, hoping the weather man is not telling porky pies and it will be nice this weekend, the header photo of the Robin is very good.
    Amanda xx

    1. Amanda Peters - Thanks for the comment Amanda - that particular Robin was very tame and would feed from the hand so it was easy to get close :) Weather still looking good here - hope it is for you too. Might put the moth trap out tonight :)