Garden Robin

Garden Robin

Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Camelia, First Hoverfly and Bumble Bees and Hebrew Character Moth

The milder weather over the last few days means the white camelia buds are finally starting to open.

I put out the moth trap again on Saturday evening and found just one moth - Hebrew Character (Orthosia gothica). This species is named after the dark mark in the centre of the forewing which resembles the Hebrew letter Nun.

Frogs are starting to stir in the pond and a few Bumble Bees went whizzing past the kitchen window today. I saw my first garden hoverfly this morning on bergenia flowers. Sadly it had disappeared by the time I had returned with my camera.


  1. It will not belong before every thing takes off , from plants to insects we are going to have trouble keeping up... did you have a thing for Hoverfies last year ?
    They are to similar for me to I.D, would need to wear my glasses all the time.
    Lovely looking moth.
    Amanda xx

    1. Amanda Peters - Thanks for the comment Amanda. You are right about having problems trying to keep up as more and more insects appear. Yes, I did get really interested in hoverflies last year - bought a rather super field guide :) Agree about wearing glasses - I also need a magnifying glass some of them are that small!! and, of course, they rarely keep still. V. difficult to get a photo of!